Holdem Tactics – 2 Of The Newest Holdem Tactics That Win

Holdem Tactics - 2 Of The Newest Holdem Tactics That Win

You can win a game of Holdem whilst sticking to a few simple Holdem tactics. That is, if you are smart about it and implement the new Holdem tactics into your daily routine, you will make a lot more money than if you were to follow your usual route.

It’s easy to get wound-up in the tournaments and have a tournament mentality, which is great when you’re winning but gets you nowhere when you’re losing. No matter what strategy you follow, if it doesn’t work they all end up losing money. So what are the two newest Holdem tactics that work?

Holdem Tactics #1 – The Trap

The first new Holdem tactics that work is to use the trap. What is a trap? Well, it is a tactic of deception, or a device to try and fool opponent to play in a certain way. They will see this strategy in the casino, and in poker, the player will often times try and make a similar move, such as raising, or checking, or folding while bets are placed.

The strategy is to do this multiple times in a Las Vegas casino. For example, you decide to check-raise, firs, while standing on a straight – in essence you check, whilst placing a bet of 3 – 4 times the big blind.

Your likelihood of walking away with nothing, is that the player will have a better hand than you. But, they haven’t seen any cards yet, so a bet would be costly.

Holdem Tactics #2 – The Check Raise

Another strategy regards checking, whilst placing a bet. This is more of a forward move, and not really a tactic, but it can be very effective. If you have a good hand, you can check, whilst simultaneously placing a bet of around half the amount of the big blind, in hopes that your opponent would bet more, attempting to make a bigger raise.

The expected return on this strategy is that you will either win, or not win. But, if you have high cards subsequently, and you do get caught up in the moment, it can definitely be costly.

Holdem Tactics #3 – The Semi-Bluff

The last strategy is Semi-bluffing. This is a tactic of betting aggressively while holding a card, such as a very strong pocket. This is more along the lines of bluffing than actual play.

This is a tactic of opportunity – who knows you might hit the flush on the River, if you’re smart. You’re not likely to make your opponent believe you have anything so you could place a bet and steal the pot.

Holdem Tactics #4 – Loose Aggressive

The fourth strategy is a Loose aggressive strategy. This is more along the lines of sit and go strategy, in that the tighter you play, the more you will win.

Loose aggressive is a tactic, where you get to the middle rounds of the tournament very cheap. By playing conservatively and picking excellent cards, you can very quickly work out the curve by the opponent you are playing against.

Aggressive play is good, especially when done to protect your hand. But, when you and another player are both very aggressive, you are doing this little bit differently. Normally, you would fold at this stage because it’s not worth the risk.

Holdem Tactics #5 – The Check Raise

The last scheme is a Check Raise. This is more of a test, to see if your hand is worth revising if raised.

If you are laying big bets early, you could consider a check raise as a last resort. This scheme is good for the aggressive players of the game. When you have a good hand, and someone bets, you don’t need to call, because your hand is already likely to win.

The Check Raise works best when you are very confident you have the best hand. You want to give yourself enough of a chance that you will be paid off for your play, rather than using it to make a threat.

There are more of these tactics, when you will learn to play better poker. But, when you learn to play a little better, you will win more often, and be able to play better, and win more back from your opponents.